Saturday, September 10, 2011


just a few days ago i yearned for a drop of rain and now it seems exactly the opposite.... now i yearn more for the warmth of the sun. is it human nature to never be satisfied with what they have or am i going totally out of my mind. My nights come and go and i dont know when i fall asleep with the music of the rain being heard in the background...rain makes so many types of sounds.. when it fall on the leaves, on the wet mud, on tar, on the cement tops.. and yet different from the one it makes on the rooftops.... the crickets keep singing all night if humming a lullaby for me. they say nature is at its best in the monsoons but i say its at its worst too. the grrens tree tops and the rainbows and the clouds do seems a welcome sight for some time but as the rains keeps on pouring... it becomes a headache even to step outside...the mud... the rain...everything.

 the sun seems a better option to me..... the warmth... the light.... the vitamin d......oh i would kill for some of that now.