Tuesday, April 19, 2011


It gets cloudy everday here. and the weather keeps on getting hotter... humidity keeps rising...!!! no one can sit still in a room without a fan(fan is of no use actually bcz the air it gives is also hot) or a cooler..(aaa much better). sometimes the thot of a quick shower comes in my mind but the water running from the taps is also hot... oh ma god... how do i beat the heat???
the clouds just come and go,bringing hopes to many that it'll pour..but no use.. they just stand there in the sky as we get wet with sweat staring up at the sky. sometimes the thot runs through my eyes...what if i could fly.. i would fly up to the clouds and prick a needle in them brusting them open,drneching myself with the healing liquid.but there are a lot of if's in life and not all are worth it. if only i could carry a AC with me wherever i went...feel like smaking the ppl who made dermi cool"thanda thanda cool cool"..arre wht thanda... just keeps on getting worse... imagine urself in a room packed with ppl... and the electricity decides to take a lunch break for an hour or two...ohhhh... that feeling... feel like killing someone. :(
it getting worser and worser day in day out...and they say the summer is yet to begin.......!!!


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  2. @vijay: hey vijay thanx for paying my blog a visit...hope u visit more often so tht i can get to know whr i go wrong...!!! keep in touch.

  3. i am just an opening visitor to your blog/blogs...and at the first i became a great fan of your writings. i have read almost all the blogs and all are catchy and attractive with the great flow of thoughts and words..!! Amazing style..!! hats off..!! i need tuition for writing from you..!! can u?

    1. hellooo... i know its been ages since ive written anything. im thinking of starting again. hope you enjoy something new this time. and thank you so much for your kind words.