Sunday, April 17, 2011


The rain was showering on my city now and then... it was mid april and the heat was totally intolerable...she thot "i hate it when its sunny :( it gets all sweaty and wet. yucckkk, i hate the heat." how she quenched for a dark cloud to cum and pour some drops on her...a cool breeze to play with her hair...the thunder in her heart whenver she thot abt this....and the ligtening that flashed in her eyes...she loved the rain...everything about the rain....she was a rain person.
she grew up in a wet place with tropical atmosphere most of the year,and now in the city, she hated the sun so hard she could curse it.she just loved the view that the dark clouds brought with them...she felt she belonged to them,she wanted to be in some place where she would never miss this weather. the cool winds...the strong currents..the rain lashing on the roofs...the rhyme they make when they dance on the tin roofs in the village...the birds chirping when they splash around in the puddles..the kids running around...the aroma that the earth gives out(nothing like that,i must say)..and oh yes... how can i forget the best part.. the 7 colours of the sky... the rainbow...the most beautiful scene god ever created.
she always remembered one thing from the rain...whenever it used to rain...she and her dad used to go on a hill...and sit there till the rain subsided, just to see a wonderful view,as the clouds passed away and the sun peeped out from the dark blanket,it gave out a rainbow. the birds flew in all directions. the cool breeze swept pass her hair and dried off the water,the leaves soaked in pearls looked so beautiful. nature was at its best when it rained.and she could never find anything as beautiful as that view. wow. breathtaking.
she missed it in this crowded city.
she was in love with her season. the rainy season. the season for love to triumph. the season of new life.
she was in love with life.


  1. Coincidence is its raining here right now and to read about rains in rains is so... Rainy ;)
    i love with rains. Totally. :)

  2. @deepika- u know wht... i was writing this blog sitting on my terrace while it was drizzling.... guess the rain has some magic arond it, keeps us connected i guesss.